martes, 30 de junio de 2015

My favorite type of music

Rock is a type of music that was born in the USA in 1950. Another name for rock is rock and roll.Some very popular artists were Elvis Prestley, with his song "That's all right Mama", Don McLean with his song “American Pie”, AC/DC with their song “Highway to hell”.

In my opinion rock is a very good type of music and really like it. Some groups I really like are AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles...And I really like also “Tonight is what its means to be young”, “Viva la Vida”...recommend to listen to the song “Tonight is what it means to be young ”.

I think this type of music will never die, because people are still creating rock and roll music. And I hope rock will never disappear. 

Fernando Martín Espina

Fernanado Marín Espina was a basketball player who was the first Spanish basketball player that played in the NBA. He wasborn on 25th March in 1962 in Madrid and he died on 3rd December in 1989, in a car accident, at  the age of 27. His brother Antonio Martín Espina was also a basketball player. He played in Estudiantes de Madrid, Real Madrid, Portland Trail Blazers and in Spanish national team, where he won a lot of prizes. 

The most famous prizes he has won were: his figure is recognized in the FIBA Hall of Fame, Spanish First and Second European to play in the NBA, the Real Madrid Basketball dorsal retired number 10 in his honor, belongs to the 50 Greatest Contributors FIBA Basketball.

 In my opinion, he must have been a very good player if he won all these enormous prizes. Unfortunately, he died in a terrible accident.

lunes, 29 de junio de 2015

Political parties

Podemos is a political party created in January in 2014. Its  leader is Pablo Iglesias Turrión. This political party is a left-wing party. People think Podemos is communist, but Podemos doesn’t deny this and that it is a very big problem.

PP and PSOE are a bit worried because they can lose the power. The problem is that they are used to having the power and they don’t do anything. However this is good, because all this situation will put pressure on the Conservative Party and the Socialist Party to do things better. So far they have committed many mistakes. 

Podemos is becoming stronger,  because people voted Podemos for the reason that they want a change in the society. I don’t think the solution for our problem is Podemos, because I think they are too intelligent to do good things and I think if they took the power, they would control us.

All in all, Podemos can take over the power but if they don't do things properly, they won't. They won’t return to the power anymore. It is true that we need a change, but I think Podemos isn’t the solution. 

domingo, 28 de junio de 2015


In this comment I am going to write about if I remember what the situation used to be a few years ago with smokers and what happened when I went into a bar or a pub. The situation was unbearable.

This situation changed when a law didn't allow smoking in bars or pubs, near hospitals, near schools. They only allowed you to smoke in the terraces. There were a lot of people  who were against this law, but this was necessary.

When I got into a bar you couldn't breathe well and it was impossible to be sitting comfortably in a bar. Also the clothes smelled very very bad when you left the bar and it was awful. Passive smokers were harmed more than now.

All in all, I think this law was necessary, because the situation before was awful. Many people will agree with me that was insupportable.