domingo, 24 de junio de 2018

How important are family + friends to you in your life?

Resultado de imagen de FamiliaNowadays, the importance of family and friends has changed over the last 10 years. New generations are usually keener on friends than on family, but older generations, however, find family more important than anything else. In this composition, I will discuss the importance of each one for me.
Resultado de imagen de amigosOn the one hand, my family, even if it is small, is the one who taught me and created me as a mature person. As a result, their role is incredibly necessary for me. In addition, I usually spend a lot of time with them, specially, in Christmas and summer holidays.

On the other hand, my friends are the people who I choose and so, they are often even better than my family. What’s more, the similarity of age is also an important fact to take into account because of the same vision of the present world.

All in all, I believe that the mixture of both of them is the best thing. Furthermore, I usually watch them as a family, one is my biological family and the other is “the street family”.

sábado, 23 de junio de 2018

Sporting heroes should try to be good role models

Resultado de imagen de comportamiento adecuadoNowadays, society is easily influenced by the great celebrities of the 21st century as a shepherd is followed by his sheep, although they can be the worst role models in society.

New sporting heroes can inspire new generations in terms, for example, of a multicultural society. And as result, people could learn the necessity of respecting other cultures, religions, ethnicities…
Resultado de imagen de comportamiento inadecuadoCelebrities are able to promote a healthy lifestyle by, for instance, doing sport, eating healthy food, sleeping enough time, etc. In addition, new sports beginners may be inspired by these sports heroes in order to work harder and to avoid drugs.
To sum up, society should make a review of the current sports heroes models so as to blame them if they are acting badly or encouraging them if they are the correct models for society.


The Internet does more harm than good

Resultado de imagen de InternetNearly everybody knows how to use Internet, but is it such an excellent tool as it seems? In this essay, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

Resultado de imagen de Internet dangerOn the one hand, Internet gives the opportunity to small independent businesses to flourish through big web sites as “E-bay” or “Amazon”. Furthermore, the Internet serves to bring people together due to the fact that friends can remain connected to each other when miles apart.

On the other hand, the information provided by Internet could be fake because of the lack of reliability of anonymous profiles. In addition, this social network might be used by terrorists in malicious hidden way.

Whilst it’s true to say that Internet has plenty of inconveniences, we think that its utility is immeasurable, but as uncle Ben said in Spider-man: “A great power carries a great responsibility”.


viernes, 22 de junio de 2018

Do you think “adventure tourism” in unexplored parts of the world should be encouraged?

Resultado de imagen de adventure
Frankly, it is one of the most stupid and craziest question I have ever heard. As the question says: “Do you think ‘adventure tourism” un UNEXPLORED parts of the world should be encouraged?”. The word “unexplored” usually means unsafe. Even so, I will also talk about it few advantages.

Resultado de imagen de rescueOn the one hand, “adventure tourism” could give us information about unknown areas and as result, we could learn more from our planet. However, this type of tourism would be only worth with the aid of a TV program such as National Geographic due to the necessity of recording these regions. 

On the other hand, this type of tourism implies an unnecessary risk. What’s more, it can produce an increase of the cost of the healthcare system, because of an unexpected need of rescue in an unexplored area.

To sum up, in my view, this idea shouldn’t be developed due to the huge variety of inconvenient. If the idea continues, I would honestly admit that I would never do “adventure tourism”.

jueves, 21 de junio de 2018


Resultado de imagen de Padres estrictosI think it’s a very interesting question which has got different possible answers. There are a lot of elements that could affect their behaviour and attitude to their children. Even though their biggest dream is to have a baby, all that glitters is not gold.

Resultado de imagen de Padres estrictosOn the one hand, younger parents greatest advantage is that parents and children, both, have things in common. Consequently, they might have the same taste in music or clothes and therefore, they are closer. However, if they are too close, they might not strict enough to educate them properly.

On the other hand, older parents most value benefit is that they have more experience in life and as a result, they can give children a huge variety of advice. Nevertheless, they may have a different way of seeing life and not understand present changes.

In my view, a mixture of both types would be the best way to bring up a child nowadays. Today, it’s very difficult to be responsible and understanding parents.


martes, 23 de agosto de 2016

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play game which is based in augmented reality and was developed by Nianty for iOS and Android devices. It was released on 6th July, 2016. In this game, you have to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon. This game has been downloaded by more than 100 million people. Pokémon Go has changed the view of our society. For example: Before, parents didn’t want their kids to stay at home playing computer games. However, nowadays, they take fresh air and do some sport. Everybody plays: men and women, young and old, parents and sons… This game has improved our lifestyle and has got a lot of advantages, but it has got also disadvantages.

On the one hand, Pokémon Go has got a lot of advantages like parents and sons can walk together and they can have fun together hunting Pokémon and fighting between them. Moreover, it has reduced the obesity in the USA, because everybody walk in their cities in order to take more Pokémon and level up. Furthermore, people now know more about their city and its monuments due to it, because in each city there are “PokeStops” which are important monuments or buildings where you can take items, but the most interesting thing is that in each one there is a little description of it so people can pay attention to these important places in their city and learn about them.

On the other hand, Pokémon Go has got some problems as people don’t look around and there are a lot of accidents for example people who were driving their car or people who get lost in the middle of a park or a mountain searching Pokémon. Another problem is that this game can be use in order to win money by other companies, for example Mc Donald’s has said that he wants to pay Pokémon go in order to put Pokémon in their restaurants so as to have more customers. 

All in all, this game has changed our point of view. In my opinion, it has improved our lifestyle and our mind so I think it has been a very good invention. However, we have to pay attention to our environment and don’t get hypnotized by Pokémon.

By: WILLIAM : )))

domingo, 7 de agosto de 2016

Let's do it! Clean up the Mediterranean Coast!

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Nowadays, it is a well-known fact that plastic is a very common material in our ordinary lives. This material is very useful, because it is very malleable, is cheap, it can stand warmth… However, this material pollutes a lot and it is difficult to recycle. So today, I am going about certain issues plastic has an impact on the Mediterranean Sea and about possible solutions to deal with this dangerous problem Let’s do it! Clean up the Mediterranean Coast!

This useful material pollutes a lot our seas in many different ways, for example, it makes our beaches dirtier and therefore the water is polluted if you want to swim. In addition, if the sea is polluted, so are fish, as in the case of turtles which eat plastic bags, because they think they are jellyfish and so they die.

Let’s do it! Cleaning up the Mediterranean Coast! is an organisation whose aim is to make everybody aware of this problem and also concerns everybody that we are all responsible of this issue and that we have to work all together in order to solve it. This group is formed by ten thousand volunteers and involves 15 countries. 

All in all, I think that we can use plastic, but we have to know that it is a double-edged sword and we have to take care of our planet. Furthermore, in my view Let’s do it! Cleaning up the Mediterranean Coast! is a very useful organisation that can correct our mistakes made in the past.

By: William : )))