domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2015

Back to the future and a hoverboard

In this comment I am going to write about the film “Back to the future” and the hoverboard. Some years ago, I watched this film and also the sequels and I really like them, because it deals with the human dream travelling in time and it is very funny. This new board can be a very important invention and probably will change our way of travelling.

First of all, “Back to the future” is a 1985 American science-fiction adventure comedy film directed by Robert Zemeckis, written by Zemeckis and Bob Gale, produced by Gale and Neil Canton, and starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Crispin Gloverand Thomas F. Wilson. In the film, teenager Marty McFly is sent back in time to 1955, where he meets his parents when they were at the high school, but unfortunately his mother falls in love with him. Marty  must sort out the problem, because if he doesn't, he will never exist. Fortunately, there is a crazy scientist Dr. Emmett 'Doc' Brown, who has 
created the time machine and will help him to return to his time.

A hoverboard is a levitating board used for personal transportation in the films Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III. A hoverboard is a skateboard without wheels. This type of skateboards is still being investigated, because they aren’t good enough.

All in all, I think “Back to the future” and all his sequels were very good films, but I have heard that  these films are going to be remade and modernized, but I am not sure at all. I hope one day we will go to school, to our job, to our house… on a hoverboard, because I think it would be faster and comfortable.

By: WILLIAM :))) 

An unsatisfied customer

One week ago, I bought a laptop AT Dynos. However, when I switched it on, it didn’t work. So I decided to go back to the shop and ask them for solutions.

When I went there, I told the shop assistant “Hello, Sir, two days ago I bought a laptop, here is the receipt, but when I tried to turn it on IT didn’t work so I want to have my money back”. He replied “I am sorry, Sir, but I cannot give your money back this laptop hasn’t got a guarantee”. I told him angrily “That is impossible, because you told me that it had it! I want to talk with the manager”.

The manager was listening to the conversation and decided to talk with me. He said that his shop couldn’t pay back the money. So I told him if he could repair the laptop. He finally agreed and told me to bring it the following day.

Anyway, next time I will always check that any item I want to purchase has a guarantee and that it is valid for at least two years. Bargains can cost you a fortune!!

By: William :)))

lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015

My summer experiences

I am going to talk about my summer experiences and about my goals for this year. This summer I  have been to Frace, but I have spent most of my holidays in the Alpujarras. This year is going to be difficult, because I begin Bachillerato

This summer I have been to France and I have visited the “Dune de Pilat”, the “Mont Saint-Michel” and Rouen. In this last place I have stayed for a week and I have had classes of French. Then I returned to Spain, but I spent some days in the north. There, I visited Oviedo, León and Zamora. When I arrived home, I went to “Las Alpujarras” and I spent there a couple of weeks. In Sierra Nevada, I have done some trekking and I have played tennis. I have gone to the Mulhacén and to the Seven Lagoons.

My resolutions for this year are to have good marks and obtain the B2 in English and the B1 in French. It is clear that this year is very important, because the marks I will obtain this year will affect the “Selectividad”. I also know that there is a big step between the ESO and Bachillerato, but I have to do as much as possible. 

All in all, I think that I have visited many wonderful places this summer, but I would have liked to visit Paris once again. I also think that I will have to study a lot this year and that it’s going to be difficult.

By: WILLIAM : )))

sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2015

Moses Eugene Malone

Today I am going to write about a very important person who died recently. This man is Moses Eugene Malone, his nickname was Big Mo. He was born on 23rd March in 1955 and he died on 13th September in 2015 . He was an American basketball player who played in both the American Basketball Association (ABA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1974 to 1995. He has won many and many awards, some of them are NBA All-Defensive First Team (1983) NBA All-Defensive Second Team (1979), ABA All-Rookie Team (1975)… 

Nowadays we have also a lot of good basketball players, such as Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Rudy Fernandez, Felipe Reyes… They are going to play the final of Europe and I hope they will win this competition. 
By: William : )))

What can we tell people who want to hurt peaceful people?

In my opinion, the vast majority of the people don’t want to live with war or terrorism. I don’t know why we kill each other, we are ALL HUMANS!!! In think that everybody should do whatever they like as long as they don't affect other people.

There aren’t many solutions to solve this problem, but one of the most important is education, because if they know what it is good and what it is bad, they would know what they should do.The problem is that their families may not teach them properly

I hope that this type of problem will disappear one day and no one kill each other for religion.  I would also like not be afraid if I had to go somewhere.

By: William: ))

domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2015

The terrorist attack in France

Last 13th Friday of November, France suffered a terrible terrorist attack. The attack was divided in three parts. Firstly, they attacked in the surrounding area of the stadium, where France was playing a match. A match, which the President of France, François Holland, was watching. However, they couldn’t enter and they exploded themselves in front of it. Hopefully, the President could escape finally.

Secondly, they killed people from restaurants, bars, café  that were near the stadium . Fear was extending all over Paris.

Finally, they made their last and biggest attack at Bataclan theatre, where there was a rock concert going on. They abducted and killed many people there. 

All in all, they killed 130 people and extended fear all over France and Paris. I hope that  there aren't any more terrorist attacks either in France, in Syria or in any other part of the world.

By: William : )))

Robin Hood and James Bond

Robin Hood was an English archer in the Middle Ages who stole the money from the rich people and gave it to the poor. He was a very kind man and he also faced the king and the sheriff from Nottingham. This legend was used in many films and books like Robin Hood Outlawed, In the days of Robin Hood.

James Bond, whose nickname is agent 007, is an English secret agent who is the best in his job. He kills everybody who he is told to. He appears with a different gorgeous lady in every film. He always lives on the edge.

All in all, both of them lived in England and they fought for the justice and equality of everybody. I think nowadays we need someone like them to chase the corruption, the thieves and the injustice.

By: WILLIAM : )))

Does meat produce cancer?

I didn’t believe that we could save 45,000 lives eating less meat. In my opinion this piece of information is shocking. From my point of view there are two great causes: cancer and cholesterol.

The cancer is a big problem, because we haven’t investigated enough and it can’t be stopped when it began. However, I think that the probability of taken a cancer by eating meat is very very low.

The cholesterol is the real big problem, because it affects our circulatory system and finally produces the death. This issue can be solved by doing more exercise and eating less unhealthy food. 

All in all, I think that there are many other things we should be aware of pollution, endangered animals… However, we should take care of ourselves.

By: WILLIAM : ))

John Lennon

John Winston Ono Lennon was born on 9th of October, 1940 in Liverpool and killed on 8th of December, 1980. He was killed by Mark David Chapman. He was an English singer and songwriter who became famous with the band The Beatles. 

The members of this group are Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Some of their songs are “Love me do”, “Hey Jude”, “Lady Madonna”… They won many and many awards, some of them were seven Grammy awards and fifteen Ivor Novello Awards.

My favourite song from John Lennon is “Yesterday” and from the Beatles is “Yellow Submarine”.

By: William : )))

sábado, 3 de octubre de 2015

Eurocopa de Baloncesto de 2015

Two or three weeks ago, there was the European Basketball Championship in which Spain played and won. It was a difficult goal, because France was the favourite team to win the tournament as they had very good players such as Tony Parker and also because Spain didn’t have Marc Gasol and other good players. But finally we did it!!!

The most difficult match was the semi-final against France. The French team scored all the three-point baskets, some of which were almost impossible, but they scored them! But finally we defeated them. Lithuania was supposed to be the most difficult, because they arrived at the final and they are very good, but in the end we defeated them more or less easily.

The best Spanish player was PAU GASOL!!!, who is, in my opinion, one of the best players in the world. Pau Gasol Sáez was born in Barcelona on 6th July, 1980. He is a Spanish professional basketball player who currently plays for the Chicago Bulls. He is a five-time NBA All-Star, and a four-time All-NBA selection and he has won two NBA championships.

By: William : )))

jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2015

Vuelta España

Resultado de imagen de vuelta españaI am going to talk about the latest cycling stage between Jodas (Jaén) and La Alpujarra (Granada). It was the 7th stage of the “Vuelta España”. It wasn’t a very strong race, but it was too long and the temperature was too high so it was very exhausting for the cyclists. I went to Bubión and I watched the race. It was a very exciting race and we thought that they would pass faster, but actually they didn't.

The winner was Lindenman, Lindenman, who was born on 16th June in 1989  in Emmen (Netherlands) and it is a member of the Team Lotto NL-Jumbo. I hope that there are more races here in Bubión.

By: William : )))

Bruce Springsteen

In this comment I am going to write about one of the most important artists in the USA, Bruce Springsteen. He was born on 23rd of September in 1949 and he is an American musician, singer, songwriter and humanitarian person     listened to many. His nickname is “The Boss”. He has made a lot of songs as “Born to run”, “Glory days”, “Secret Garden” and “Born in the USA”. He has earned numerous awards for his work, including 20 Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes and an Academy Award as well as being inducted into both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999.

I like this artist and I have listened many of his songs. One of the songs I really like is "Born in the USA". This man has been working for many years in the music and it seems that he isn’t going to finish yet. I hope he could work more years making songs and giving concerts. 

By: William : )))

martes, 25 de agosto de 2015

Visit to Granada

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I would like to take thi opportunity to welcome you aboard our coach tour of Grenade and its surroundings. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Guillermo Romero, and I shall be your guide for these two weeks. I am here to make your trip as pleasant as possible and to give you some information about the buildings we will be seeing.

First of all, we will see one of the most important monuments of Spain: the Alhambra castle, which is a Muslim castle. We will also visit the Science Museum, which has got a very interesting exposition about electricity, dinoseurs and the human body. After that, we will go to Sierra Nevada to do some skiing and watch all the different types of landscape that Grenade has. Finally, we will go to Motril, which is a town that was very important because of the sugar cane, so we will visit the Sugar cane Museum. This city has a subtropical climate, so we will go to the beach. The trip is expected to take two weeks, so we will have enough time to visit all.

May I also ask those of you who feel dizzy on the bus to sit on the first seats of the coach. I hope that you all have an enjoyable trip, and please feel free to ask me any questions. I will do my best to answer them. Thank you for your attention.

martes, 11 de agosto de 2015

Our dreams

In our world, everybody has dreams, ones are easier than others. Many people want to be rich or powerful, but others have got dreams such as having a family or a good job. Of a difficult goal to achieve is riding a wave on a motorbike. 

Robbie Madison had this ambition and he has done quite well. He has been working for five years, but last week he made it. It was a very difficult dream. I recommend you to watch this video, when I watched this video I got really impressed. The most interesting part is when he rode a wave. 

I also have many dreams, but they aren’t as unusual as Robbie Maddison's.  I want to have a job, a family and be happy all my life I would also like to be rich, but for me money isn’t as important as happiness. It is a well-known fact that nowadays money is very very important, because you can’t do nearly anything without it.

All in all, I think everybody should follow their ambitions, because if we don’t have any goals we don’t need to do anything. Sometimes our dreams are nearly impossible, but that is what makes push forward as it is what we want for our future life.