martes, 11 de agosto de 2015

Our dreams

In our world, everybody has dreams, ones are easier than others. Many people want to be rich or powerful, but others have got dreams such as having a family or a good job. Of a difficult goal to achieve is riding a wave on a motorbike. 

Robbie Madison had this ambition and he has done quite well. He has been working for five years, but last week he made it. It was a very difficult dream. I recommend you to watch this video, when I watched this video I got really impressed. The most interesting part is when he rode a wave. 

I also have many dreams, but they aren’t as unusual as Robbie Maddison's.  I want to have a job, a family and be happy all my life I would also like to be rich, but for me money isn’t as important as happiness. It is a well-known fact that nowadays money is very very important, because you can’t do nearly anything without it.

All in all, I think everybody should follow their ambitions, because if we don’t have any goals we don’t need to do anything. Sometimes our dreams are nearly impossible, but that is what makes push forward as it is what we want for our future life.

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