lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015

My summer experiences

I am going to talk about my summer experiences and about my goals for this year. This summer I  have been to Frace, but I have spent most of my holidays in the Alpujarras. This year is going to be difficult, because I begin Bachillerato

This summer I have been to France and I have visited the “Dune de Pilat”, the “Mont Saint-Michel” and Rouen. In this last place I have stayed for a week and I have had classes of French. Then I returned to Spain, but I spent some days in the north. There, I visited Oviedo, León and Zamora. When I arrived home, I went to “Las Alpujarras” and I spent there a couple of weeks. In Sierra Nevada, I have done some trekking and I have played tennis. I have gone to the Mulhacén and to the Seven Lagoons.

My resolutions for this year are to have good marks and obtain the B2 in English and the B1 in French. It is clear that this year is very important, because the marks I will obtain this year will affect the “Selectividad”. I also know that there is a big step between the ESO and Bachillerato, but I have to do as much as possible. 

All in all, I think that I have visited many wonderful places this summer, but I would have liked to visit Paris once again. I also think that I will have to study a lot this year and that it’s going to be difficult.

By: WILLIAM : )))

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