sábado, 23 de junio de 2018

Sporting heroes should try to be good role models

Resultado de imagen de comportamiento adecuadoNowadays, society is easily influenced by the great celebrities of the 21st century as a shepherd is followed by his sheep, although they can be the worst role models in society.

New sporting heroes can inspire new generations in terms, for example, of a multicultural society. And as result, people could learn the necessity of respecting other cultures, religions, ethnicities…
Resultado de imagen de comportamiento inadecuadoCelebrities are able to promote a healthy lifestyle by, for instance, doing sport, eating healthy food, sleeping enough time, etc. In addition, new sports beginners may be inspired by these sports heroes in order to work harder and to avoid drugs.
To sum up, society should make a review of the current sports heroes models so as to blame them if they are acting badly or encouraging them if they are the correct models for society.


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