viernes, 22 de junio de 2018

Do you think “adventure tourism” in unexplored parts of the world should be encouraged?

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Frankly, it is one of the most stupid and craziest question I have ever heard. As the question says: “Do you think ‘adventure tourism” un UNEXPLORED parts of the world should be encouraged?”. The word “unexplored” usually means unsafe. Even so, I will also talk about it few advantages.

Resultado de imagen de rescueOn the one hand, “adventure tourism” could give us information about unknown areas and as result, we could learn more from our planet. However, this type of tourism would be only worth with the aid of a TV program such as National Geographic due to the necessity of recording these regions. 

On the other hand, this type of tourism implies an unnecessary risk. What’s more, it can produce an increase of the cost of the healthcare system, because of an unexpected need of rescue in an unexplored area.

To sum up, in my view, this idea shouldn’t be developed due to the huge variety of inconvenient. If the idea continues, I would honestly admit that I would never do “adventure tourism”.

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