lunes, 29 de junio de 2015

Political parties

Podemos is a political party created in January in 2014. Its  leader is Pablo Iglesias Turrión. This political party is a left-wing party. People think Podemos is communist, but Podemos doesn’t deny this and that it is a very big problem.

PP and PSOE are a bit worried because they can lose the power. The problem is that they are used to having the power and they don’t do anything. However this is good, because all this situation will put pressure on the Conservative Party and the Socialist Party to do things better. So far they have committed many mistakes. 

Podemos is becoming stronger,  because people voted Podemos for the reason that they want a change in the society. I don’t think the solution for our problem is Podemos, because I think they are too intelligent to do good things and I think if they took the power, they would control us.

All in all, Podemos can take over the power but if they don't do things properly, they won't. They won’t return to the power anymore. It is true that we need a change, but I think Podemos isn’t the solution. 

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